Happy List | 19

Happy Thursday, friends! Thursday is pretty great in that it's-almost-friday kind of way, right?! Like the last several weeks, this week flew by. We spent last weekend down in LA with Dai's sister and nephew (and parents who were visiting from Japan) since they were getting ready to move to Hawaii this week, so after getting home late Sunday evening, we had to jump straight into the work week.

Life has been moving quickly lately, but it has also been really good in many ways. Through the busy-ness and curveballs, I've been trying to do my best to savor the little things that make me smile.

Here's my latest happy list:

+ Brunch and ice cream runs with friends

+ Seeing Dai love on his toddler nephew and his nephew love him back

+ The way I still get excited every time I see my new car

+ Conversations with Dai's sweet mom

+ Adding to my succulent family (and keeping them alive!)

+ When Dai takes Marly out and let's me sleep in longer <3

+ Driving my new car anywhere and everywhere

+ Dai's new recent love for iced vanilla lattes

+ The way Marly insists on sitting on my desk chair with me while I work on things

+ Using my Madewell tote again after taking a break from it and remembering how much I love it

+ Overhearing funny conversations around me from my cubicle

+ Catching up with family on the phone

+ Meeting up with Dai for a mid-week spontaneous dinner date

+ Watching Life in Pieces for the first time and literally laughing out loud at many episodes

+ Homemade tacos in a hard taco shell (I've always been a tortilla girl)

+ Trying out new coffee shops

+ Spending time with my Japanese family

+ Road trips with Dai

+ Introducing Dai to My Favorite Murder on said road trips and listening to it together for hours

+ The way Marly is always so excited to come back inside from our morning walk because he knows his bacon treats are waiting on the entry table for him

What has been making you happy lately?

My dad has been dealing with some health issues recently, so if you could send some good vibes and prayers his way, that would be great. I know he will get through this, but it is scary going through it and not knowing what will happen. Doing my best to stay positive through it all!

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