Two Whole Years

Today marks two whole years that Dai and I have been together! I can't believe how time just flies. Maybe he is sometimes more thoughtful or more romantic than I am (that guy, he just kills me sometimes), but we have made a great team and I love that about him. He is always doing things for others and never minds lending a helping hand. There are things about him that make me wish I were a better person. He loves my crazy, complicated, and sometimes dysfunctional family, and just goes with the flow when it requires it. Looking back through my blog archives, I am reminded of the many adventures we have had, and all the reasons he means so much to me.

Here are a few for your enjoyment:

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane!

Dai is a very special guy to me and I am so happy to have shared these memories and experiences with him. Here's to many more to come!