The Thankful Project: Something about My Guy

I have been sick this week, so things have been a bit quiet around here, but this was one prompt I didn't want to miss out on. The weeks and months have been going by in such a blur, and sometimes I forget how lucky I am, that in all this craziness, I have someone that I can turn to every day to just relieve a bit of stress off my shoulders. Whether it is a pep talk on my way home from a long day, or listening to the extremely boring details of my time with my nanny kids, or graciously letting me complain about how busy and overwhelmed I am, he is always there, happy to let me vent to him whatever I need to get out of my system. He also makes me laugh like no one else does. Sometimes he is so silly that it pisses me off, but then he always finds a way to get me to loosen up and not take things so seriously. Dai is truly a great guy, one I sometimes doubt I am deserving of.
And here are a few other reasons I am thankful for him:

+ He is an awesome surprise planner. He made my lifelong dream come true. I mean, come on.
+ He is more thoughtful than I am. I like to think I am thoughtful, but after more time spent with Dai, I have realized that I am actually pretty damn selfish. Something to work on.
+ He just understands the importance of the Backstreet Boys, you know? And knows all the words to their songs! What a dream!
+ He is learning the art of coffee dates, just for me.
+ He pesters me about my schoolwork and about being "responsible." Yep, as annoying as this sometimes is, I am thankful for it since it keeps me accountable (when I am compliant!).
+ He is always more than willing to lend a helping hand, even when it inconveniences him.
+ He loves to cuddle. Yep, a guy who likes to cuddle! How lucky am I?
+ We can drive in silence and it is never awkward.
+ He shares my passion for photography, which makes life more fun.
+ He has learned to love a few of the same bands I do, so we sing along together all the time. It's sickeningly cute.
+ He is always up for an adventure. Hence our trips to LA, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Yosemite, and now NYC. Which, honestly, were all my ideas that I concocted and convinced him would be a great idea. He is too good to me, for I know without him, I wouldn't have been able to take those trips.
+ He has been doing his best to expose me to more cultures, especially the Japanese culture (obviously)! I am having a new appreciation for other ways of life and parts of the world.

I have no idea where the rest of this unpredictable journey is going to take us, but I am so happy to have him by my side for it all. Can't wait to get to spend a whole week with this guy in New York! What a lucky girl :)

Hope your week has been going swimmingly, and that you have been getting to enjoy the start of the holiday spirit! I will say this though: people putting up their Christmas trees already? Really?

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Chestnut Mocha said...

So happy for you! I love reading about you two and I think you're such a perfect couple! Next adventure should be northbound... ;-)